Although the appearance of my work continues to change and develop, there are several themes that recur in many of the paintings and drawings. Generally, the human condition, is my main interest; whether absorbed in contradiction and absurdity, or enveloped in violence, or entranced by domestic comforts. Specifically, the work is informed by the way I look at, experience, and think about my environment, and those around me. I am also influenced, formally and conceptually, by many other artists, both living and dead, and I am affected by the sorts of things I read, and even by the music I listen to. I believe that this is true of many artists.

There are certain images and ideas that I am drawn to, that may carry certain associations, that I use in my work, and whose meanings often change or reveal themselves after they’ve made an appearance. The meaning that I ascribe my own work is an important element, but it is also unstable and occasionally transient. Sometimes I am only able to articulate my feelings and ideas about something I’ve made, long after it’s been created. And of course, once out in the world, the work is subject to interpretation by anyone who comes into contact with it.

The themes that I am drawn to are absence (violence, death, post or pre apocalyptic events), humor (absurdity), domesticity (occasionally idyllic; a place to explore sexuality and creativity, and also a place of violence and loss), as well as artist related themes (mentorship, appropriation, the gallery scene). Through images of objects, and of figures, these themes are more or less revealed within the narratives presented in my work. In terms of subject matter, I think of my images as a sort of history painting, in a way, albeit a personal history.